University of Abuja Business School announces sale of form for admission into one-week certificate courses for 2019/2020 academic session.

Leadership and Management Studies Duration (2 week)

  1. Leadership and Corporate Accountability
  2. Leadership and National Consciousness
  3. Leadership and Team Dynamics
  4. Women in Leadership
  5. Business Policy and Strategic Management
  6. Strategic Risk Management for Business Executives

Agri-Business Studies Duration (2 week)

  1. Crop Production
  2. Commercial Production of Feed Stuff/Feed and Quality
  3. Agricultural Value Chain Development and Market Linkages
  4. Food Industry and Agri-Business System
  5. Fishery Management

Innovation, Strategy and Entrepreneurship Duration (2 week)

  1. Creative Thinking and Entrepreneurial Mindset
  2. Social Enterprises and Entrepreneurship
  3. Entrepreneurial Finance
  4. Strategic Risk Management for Business Executives
  5. Small Business Management
  6. Procurement, Logistics and Supply Chain
Management Duration (2 week)
  1. Project and Logistics Management
  2. Global Supply Chain Management
  3. Credit and Delivery Policy Management
  4. Procurement, Risk and Contract Management
  5. Computer Application in Logistics and Delivery

Marketing Management Duration (2 week)

  1. Brand Management and Product Development
  2. Strategic Marketing and Planning for Marketing Executives
  3. Consumer Behavior
  4. Innovative Digital Marketing
  5. Pricing Policies
Human Resources Management Duration (2 week)
  1. Arbitration and Crisis Management
  2. Strategic Planning and Communication
  3. Strategic Human Resources Management
  4. Managing Human and Material Resources after COVID-19
  5. Development Policy and Social Change in COVID-19 Era (During and After)
IT and Software Duration (2 week)
  1. MS Office Suite for Amateurs
  2. Typewriting (Speed Accuracy)
  3. General System Knowledge
  4. Graphic Design for Amateurs
  5. Networking (WLAN, LAN, Hotspot Connection etc.)
Accounting and Finance Duration (2 week)
  1. Introduction to Accounting
  2. Financial Risk Management
  3. Finance for Non-Finance Managers
  4. Finance Analysis and Valuation
  5. Auditing and Planning

Financial Economics Duration (2 week)

  1. Financial Markets and Institution
  2. Financial Econometrics
  3. Financial Accounting
  4. Asset Pricing
  5. Corporate Finance
Forensic Accounting Duration (2 week)
  1. Financial Analysis
  2. Data Processing and Visualization
  3. Financial Crimes and the Law
  4. Fraud Examination and Forensic Investigations
  5. Expert Witnessing and Dispute Resolution