The rate of unemployment in Nigeria has increased dramatically in the past three decades. From 1990 to date, the bulk of unemployed persons mostly graduates who have training but acquired different professional skills.

They do not find work opportunities in their chosen study fields. Hence they sought to establish businesses away from those fields of specialization. It is essential, therefore, that such entrepreneurs be provided opportunities to acquire new knowledge and skills that shall enhance their businesses.

The Master Degree in Entrepreneurship is a viable option for such Entrepreneurs to equip themselves with the relevant knowledge and the appropriate skills to take up responsibilities to secure their own future by creating marketable products and services that add value to their businesses and create wealth.

Entrepreneurs' role in stimulating economic development of nations cannot be over emphasized as the only option available to government to reduce poverty, unemployment, inflation, and increase standard of living is by encouraging entrepreneurship. Therefore, to achieve and sustain organizational competitiveness, entrepreneurs must appreciate the role of knowledge in the management and practice of business to strategically drive the organization to higher level.
The University of Abuja Business School (UABS) provides such a platform for Entrepreneurship and Management for sustainable development.

The UABS supports Senior and Middle-Career Managers and Entrepreneurs who own Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and aspire to play a leading role in creating shared values and responsible managerial culture.
The aim of the programme is to train SMEs and Professional Managers who can create jobs, alleviate poverty and stimulate economic development and sustainability of the enterprises.

The Master in Entrepreneurship of the UABS is designed to encourage intellectual exploration and application of theory to practice.
Students develop the innovative skills and the resources necessary to pursue professional goals and upon graduation become part of the dynamic global business leaders.
The most important feature of the programme is its flexibility in delivering high quality and excellent educational experience thereby, exposing students to practical creative and innovative skills pertinent for knowledge creation in a competitive labour market.


The philosophy of the Master in Entrepreneurship (MEN) programme is to develop the mind of students, imparting both theoretical and economic principles to enable them develop self assurance, creativity, self-reliance, high skilled professionalism and independent in the various aspects of Business Management disciplines.
Students shall be exposed to combine general knowledge of business functions and cutting edge industrial knowledge to manage and venture into risk taking activities in Entrepreneurship.


The main objective of the Master in Entrepreneurship is to produce highly skilled and innovative professionals in Business Management capable of stimulating the Nigeria economy for growth and development, and job creation.
The specific objectives of the Master in Entrepreneurship in the University of Abuja Business School are to:

  1. Provide business and entrepreneurial knowledge and thinking in the minds of its graduates.
  2. Equip the students to be change agent in their environment, through provoking and innovative venture engagements. iii. Develop students with the mindset to be self-reliant, creative and to evaluate business opportunities in the environment.
  3. Aim at stimulating and re-engineering the Nigeria economy through the knowledge of entrepreneurship.
  4. Prepare students to start and manage all types of ventures.
  5. Equip students to partner with high technology inventors to work on real life products.
  6. Provides student with capacity to acquire knowledge on creativity, feasibility analysis, marketing, financing and intellectual property.
  7. Teach students to identify business opportunities, strength, threats and knowledge for shared values.


The vision of the programme is to equip entrepreneurs with excellent knowledge to become World Class Entrepreneurs capable of maximizing their potentials, skills and become job creators.


The University of Abuja Business School offers programme in Master of Entrepreneurship (MEN). The programme will be both fulltime and part-time lectures.
The duration of the programme in Master of Entrepreneurship (MEN)is 24 months for graduation. The programme requires supervised research project reports for graduation.

The mission of the Programme Master in Entrepreneurship are to:

  1. Provide exceptional learning experiences that facilitate the transformation and empowerment of students into knowledgeable and responsive business professional leaders in Entrepreneurship.
  2. Focus on continuing a trajectory of academic excellence for business leaders with high expectation for taught leadership talent.
  3. Train students to become professionally competent and capable of self-employment and employers of labour
  4. Provide the platform which supports research and education that advances business thinking.

Admission Requirements:
The following shall be eligible for the Master programme in Entrepreneurship(MEN)

  1. Graduates of the University of Abuja or other recognized Universities who have obtained the approved degree of Bachelor with at least Second Class honours or its equivalent in any field.
  2. Graduates with University honours degrees or HND with appropriate Postgraduate Diploma (PED) of University of Abuja or other recognized Universities with at least a credit level pass in relevant disciplines.
  3. Graduates must have Five (5) passes including English Language and Mathematics.
  4. All Candidates must have a minimum of Three Year Managerial/Administrative/Cognate experience.