The Master of Business Administration (MBA) programme is designed to provide professionally oriented master degree in the areas of General Management, Finance, Entrepreneurship Development and Management of Small Business,
Human Resource Management, Marketing, Agri-Business, Leadership, Procurement and Supply Chain Management for senior and middlelevel career managers in both private and public sectors.

The programme emphasis is on practical training which enable the students to acquire requisite skills and knowledge to cope with the dynamics of business environment. The programme provides background for avenues for meaningful interaction between the academics and industries. The programme is inter-disciplinary and broad based thereby exposing students to all facets of the economy.

More specifically, the courses are designed to enable the graduates acquire the knowledge and skills to occupy management and executive positions in their respective organizations. The graduates are to develop strategies that enhance their managerial abilities, to have competitive advantage and make a difference in the business world.


The philosophy of the MBA programmes is to develop highly skilled senior mid-career managers with competence in the management of organizations,
to proffer solutions to the present complex global business challenges and to cope with rapid changes taking place in the modern business environment.


The main aim of Master of Business Administration (MBA)programme is to create opportunities for managers to acquire technical skills and new knowledge to foster their
competences in diverse areas in management, finance, and related inter-disciplinary skills.
Other specific objectives include:

  1. To provide students with knowledge and skills to enhance their performance and to enable them assume broader responsibilities in the rapidly changing business environment.
  2. To provide in-depth academic exposure to the literary foundations and career developments in management and administration.
  3. To produce socially responsible managers who are mindful of accepted norms and ethics. iv. To produce managers who are equipped with relevant ICT knowledge and skills.
  4. To produce managers with entrepreneurial skill and leadership qualities.
  5. The provision of knowledge required for understanding the practical analysis and problems related to management of public, private and international organizations
  6. Producing managers who are capable of applying appropriate management principles and techniques to problem solving in the Nigerian and global business environment.


The mission of the MBA programme is to train Senior and Middle Career Managers to acquire competence and technical skills that will enable them to perform efficiently and drive their organizations to higher heights.

Areas of Specialization

The following are the areas in which a student can specialize:

  1. General Management
  2. Finance
  3. Marketing
  4. Human Resource Management
  5. Entrepreneurship and Management of Small Business
  6. Agri-Business
  7. Leadership
  8. Procurement, Logistics, Supply and Chain Management.