Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) programmes is broad-based professionally oriented programmes designed for Top Management level/Chief Executive Officers in business and public sectors.

The programme emphasizes on practical training which enables the students acquire skills to venture into the unknown, to ask critical questions and to proceed to find answers to them.

In addition, the programme equips Business Executives with creative innovation and skills that enable them move their organizations to greater height. The Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) pragramme exposes Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) and Professional Managers to address real business challenges that would enable them improve the strength of the Nigeria economy through the acquisition of new knowledge.

More specifically, the courses are designed to enable the graduates acquire the knowledge and skills needed by modern business organizations to be effective in finance, commerce, management information system and ICT in both regional,
national and international agencies aimed at job creation and drives the business organization forward to make a difference.


The philosophy of the programmes is to equip CEOs and Professional Managers with high skills and competence in the management of organizations, to enable them proffer solutions to the present complex global business challenges and to cope with the rapid changes taking place in the modern business environment.


The main aim of the Executive Masterof Business Administration (EMBA) is to create opportunities and capacity to address challenges for talented CEO's and Professional Managers to attain the highest level of their potentials in academic pursuits in the field of Management.
Such students would have demonstrated superior academic ability and show promise of creative scholarship.
Other specific objectives include:

  1. To provide CEOs and Professional Managers with knowledge and skills to enhance knowledge and visions to acquire new tools to better navigate their organizations to high performances and profitability.
  2. To provide CEOs and Professional Managers in-depth academic exposure to the literary foundations and to sharpen their lenses in identification of market opportunities and threats that can undermine their firms sustainability and competiveness.
  3. To produce socially responsible CEOs and Professional Managers who are mindful of accepted norms and ethics in modern business practice.
  4. To produce CEOs and Professional Managers who are equipped with relevant ICT knowledge and skills.
  5. To produce CEOs and Professional Managers with entrepreneurial skill and leadership qualities.
  6. To provide CEOs and Professional Managers with appropriate organizational behavior that could foster team work, peer support and to interact with others from diverse range of industries and background to learn from each other.


The mission of EMBA programmeis to train Business Executives to acquire competence and cutting edge skills that will enable them to be globally competitive.


The EMBA programme vision is to enhance professional skills and to equip CEOs with new tools for critical thinking and mindset to move their organizations to global competiveness and sustainability.

Learning Outcomes

The EMBA Programmesoffers students a comprehensive knowledge of their areas of specialization embodying an understanding of theoretical foundations and quantitative tools of the areas of specialization as well as the ability to apply this knowledge to actual problems or challenges.
The general skills include competencies in Computer Literacy, Quantitative Skills, Communication Skills, Innovative Skills, Information Technology Skills, Entrepreneurial Skills, Agribusiness Skills, Leadership Skills, Procurement, Logistics and Supply Chain Management Skills.