Certificate Programmes are strictly professionally oriented course designed to prepare graduates to enhance their management career in business and public sectors.
The Certificate Programmes emphasize on practical training which enables the students to acquire skills to be more efficient and effective at their work place.

In addition, the Certificate Programmes equip Students with creative innovation and skills that enable them move their organizations to greater heights.

More specifically, the Certificate Programmes are designed to enable the graduates acquire the knowledge and skills needed by modern organizations to be effective in service delivery and for their organization Certificate Programmes includes:

  1. International Migration Studies
  2. Civil Defence Studies
  3. Leadership Studies
  4. Agric-Business Studies
  5. Entrepreneurship and cooperative Societies Management


The philosophy of the Certificate Programmes is to enhance managerial skills to improve service delivery, proffer solutions to the present complex global problems and challenges, to cope with rapid changes taking place in the social, economic, political and business environments.


The main aim of the Certificate Programmes is to create opportunities for talented candidates to enhance their managerial skills and performance at work place. Such candidates would have demonstrated superior academic ability and show promise of creative scholarship.
Other specific objectives include::

  1. To provide academic exposure to the literary foundations and career developments in desired field.
  2. To produce socially responsible individuals who are mindful of accepted norms, ethics and best practices.
  3. To produce individuals with entrepreneurial skills and leadership qualities.


The vision of the programme is to equip entrepreneurs with excellent knowledge to become World Class Entrepreneurs capable of maximizing their potentials, skills and become job creators.


The University of Abuja Business School offers programme in Master of Entrepreneurship (MEN). The programme will be both fulltime and part-time lectures.
The duration of the programme in Master of Entrepreneurship (MEN)is 24 months for graduation. The programme requires supervised research project reports for graduation.


    The mission of the Certificate Programmes is to enhance students potentials to maximize their skills and employability as well as making a difference in their environment.

Learning Outcomes

The University of Abuja Business School Certificate Programme offers students a comprehensive knowledge in their areas of specialization embodying an understanding of theoretical foundations and quantitative tools of the areas of specialization as well as the ability to apply this knowledge to actual problem or challenges.

Admission Requirements:
The following shall be eligible for the Certificate programmes in University of Abuja Business School;

  1. Graduates of the University of Abuja or other recognized Universities who have obtained the approved degree of Bachelor or its equivalent in any field.
  2. Graduates with University honors degrees or HND with appropriate postgraduate diploma of University of Abuja or other recognized Universities with at least a credit level pass in relevant disciplines.
  3. Candidates must have Five Credit passes including English Language and Mathematics.